7 Reasons to Eat Organic

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Garden Web

Fall – what a beautiful time of year. The season is beginning nicely, with just slightly cooler temperatures. This crazy thing called weather has us betting on snow before Thanksgiving this year. Have you ever noticed an amazing part of this year is we all see little puffs of spider webs around the landscape? I think it becomes more obvious with the dewy mornings and just slightly darker skies.

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Garden Secrets

Many of us are busy connecting with family and friends now during the holiday season. The plants we focus on – momentarily – are holiday centered evergreen trees, poinsettias and amaryllis. But soon, this will pass and we will be left with a many week void between holiday greens and seed starting. If you need a garden fix between now and Super Sow Sunday, consider visiting the High Line in New York City or Longwood Gardens.

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The Wonder of Organic Eggs

Breeding hens in your garden is a good way of getting your own fresh and organic eggs. They do not take a lot of space and are easy to look after. Chicken food does not cost a lot as well so there’s no reason why everyone can’t do it. Read More

Organic Vegetable Gardening

Organic vegetable gardening is now a fast-growing market and industry all over the world. Many people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of traditional farming and gardening. At the same time, they are becoming aware of the merits of organic vegetable gardening.

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The Challenges of Growing Grapes

I have been pondering some of those important life questions . . . what is the meaning of life, how can I learn to live with less, why do the grapes ripen just before our vacation?

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A Garden House Call

This spring was the season that I decided to transform my boring front landscape. I intended to spice it up with a variety of ornamental edible plants, native perennials, and herbs. A former row of common yews gave way to an unusual mix of shapes, sizes, and color. This transformation enlivened the landscape and brightened the front of my home.

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Growing Herbs at Home

Although growing beautiful flowers like roses or daisies can bring great joy to a gardener, growing herbs at home is also an easy task and very enjoyable. It permits you to do some gardening and save some money at the same time.

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The Benefits of Organic Living

The awareness of health problems and the wish to live green has led people to choose to adopt organic living.

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Gardening Blues

Blue is my favorite flower color, so it seemed like a stroke of genius when I ripped out a hodge-podge border garden and replanted it as an all-blue garden.

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