Growing Carrots

Carrots are a very popular vegetable because they are colorful, sweet, and fairly easy to grow. This makes them popular for the gardener to grow.

Carrots are a very commonly used vegetable in a great many dishes, which also contributes to its adoption. Other than used in dishes, they can be consumed raw. Carrots are also increasingly used in juicing.

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Why Buy Local?

There are many reasons to buy your food locally.

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Growing Tomatoes

The wonderful tomato is most certainly one of America’s favorite produce. A vegetable so wide spread in use and highly valued, should get significant consideration in your garden. Read More

Growing Pomegranates

The origins of the Pomegranate can be traced to the middle east. Most historians believe they originated in modern day Iran. Ancient farmers grew pomegranates in most of the middle east, which makes sense since they tend to do better in drier climates.

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How To: Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is one of the most popular forms of gardening in the world today. This popularity is mostly due to concern about one’s health and that of the Earth. High-quality organic gardening know-how is a must for growing organic foods.

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Growing Blackberries

Some say, the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. I believe that is the case with the blackberry. They are perennial and tend to grow very rapidly in season and lie mostly dormant outside of it’s growing season. There are many great things about growing blackberries aside from the tasty fruit itself.

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What Blooms When

Do you want a succession of landscape color throughout the growing season? If so, pick bulbs, perennials and flowering shrubs that bloom at different points in the season.

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Certified Organic Food

Given the rapidly growing quantity of organic products, government agencies have created regulations to make sure that the public is well-informed. This includes organic food certificates from reputable suppliers.

We need more from agriculture without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to make the service of organic food certificates. Every aspect of a growing process must meet strict standards to gain organic seed certification.

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100 Foot Diet Challenge

Grow what you eat, eat what you grow.

Central PA Gardening is presenting a challenge to bring food close to home. The 100 Foot Diet Challenge reduces the traveling distance from field to table from miles to a few steps — right outside your back or, even, front door.

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Be Enchanted by a Fairy Garden

Fairies have that magical way of making you feel like you are sharing a secret with a special friend who no one else knows about. Of course that special someone has to have a garden all their own.  It is a place where you are taken from reality for a few moments in time. Maybe it’s time you started your own fairy garden. Read More