Hydroponic Growing Systems

hydroponic gardening system

Hydroponic growing systems are not only easy and fun, but they also allow you to save money and eat healthily.  If you are like me and enjoy gardening, then hydroponic growing systems will bring you hours of joy.  It is a hobby that pays you back.

There are different hydroponic growing systems to choose from.  Below is a list of the most popular. You may also be interested to know that there are relatively cheap indoor hydroponic growing systems that can be used in the kitchen or in other smaller spaces.

1. Hydroponic Growing Systems with Deep Water Culture

Also known as the reservoir method is the easiest of all the at home hydroponic growing systems. Plant containers simply sit down in a reservoir of nutrient solution. There is also an aquarium air pump that allows the roots to get oxygen. This is the best choice for organic hydroponics growing system. The one thing to be careful about with this system is to be sure that light does not hit the nutrient solution. If it does you could end up with an algae problem that will take all the nutrients that your plants need to grow.

2. Hydroponic Growing Systems with Flood and Drain

Also called the ebb and flow hydroponic growing systems. Plants sit in their own container separate from the nutrient reservoir. A pump allows the solution to soak the plant roots occasionally and then the solutions drains back into a reservoir. What type of media you choose will depend upon how often you flood the plant roots. The parts and functions of this hydroponic growing systems also make it a good choice for organic, indoor hydroponic growing system.

3. Hydroponic Growing Systems with Aeroponics

In these hydroponic  growing systems, a container holds several gallons of nutrient solution. Spray heads are used to soak the container with a fine mist as the plant roots hang down in the container. There is no growing medium used in this method. The individual parts can be expensive and the spray nozzles will often clog if you use anything besides hydroponics fertilizer. This method is not for you, if you are looking to grow organically.

4. Hydroponic Growing Systems with the Drip Method

The plants are again in their own tray, separate from the nutrient reservoir. A pump pushes the nutrient solution through tubes. Each plant is fed by the dripping tube from the top. You will need a fast draining medium like clay pellets for this method, unless you are using slow emitters. Once again there can be issues with clogging and it can be difficult to control the flow. Hydroponic growing systems like this will more than likely work poorly and it can get expensive. Also, organic nutrients will clog up the emitter, so this will not work well if you are trying to go organic.

Hydroponic growing systems are really simple if you educate yourself before you start.  Once you decide on a system it is best to learn about some common problems and mistakes.

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