Garden Web

Fall – what a beautiful time of year. The season is beginning nicely, with just slightly cooler temperatures. This crazy thing called weather has us betting on snow before Thanksgiving this year. Have you ever noticed an amazing part of this year is we all see little puffs of spider webs around the landscape? I think it becomes more obvious with the dewy mornings and just slightly darker skies.

We are not big on spraying for bugs around here. We have pets and I just don’t go for stinky things like bug sprays. Maybe that would be one reason for our major ‘net cases’. In the early morning haze it can look like a great setting for a Halloween party. In our latest deluges called rain showers, I left my umbrella on the porch table. By morning my umbrella was totally ‘webbed’.

Garden Spiders

The spiders are really spider web scrambling for homesteads, I guess scheduling their last great meal before winter hits. The longest web-string I found, I walked off at approximately 12 feet. I was just estimating yet truly amazed at the beauty and acrobatics involved in this task. One single string! Did it have help on the other side to rope it over?

I have discovered 3 yellow zipper spiders in different areas of my garden. Last year I only spotted one. I’m glad to see they have possibly multiplied and yet getting along, establishing their own territory being quite a distance from each other. I weeded around one the other day with no problems. Then, I moved the web edge and it didn’t bat an “eye”, so to speak. I checked on it today and the web has been refilled in nicely.

As I stroll through the tall Pine trees some spider-web-lines have graced the low lying bows of the trees and shrubs like fine strings of Christmas tree garland. The little buggers, well not buggers but arachnids have also invaded my home. Mostly just daddy long-legers . I have managed to sweep them up but they have finally got on my nerves, I may have to consider spraying a least the base of the house next year.

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