100 Foot Diet Challenge

Grow what you eat, eat what you grow.

Central PA Gardening is presenting a challenge to bring food close to home. The 100 Foot Diet Challenge reduces the traveling distance from field to table from miles to a few steps — right outside your back or, even, front door.

You don’t even need acreage to be a “farmer.” Use your yard (or balcony or porch steps) not only to grow your diet but also to cultivate a healthier and more fulfilling life.

In the spirit of courage and “we-can-do-it” attitudes of previous generations who planted gardens in their front and back yards to support their countries’ war efforts, today we undertake the challenge to declare independence from corporate food systems and start a living protest right in our own back/front/side yards by planting for freedom!

  • The challenge is simple. Begin as soon as you can; prepare a meal at least once a week with only homegrown vegetables, fruit, herbs, eggs, dairy products or meat, using as few store bought ingredients as possible.
  • The purpose is plain. The undertaking of an all-out struggle for freedom from the forces that keep you dependent on the system of petroleum fueled food. The degree to which you rely on today’s artificial corporate structure determines the extent of your vulnerability. Resolve to lessen your dependence on outside food sources.
  • The result is revolutionary. As you take back responsibility for your food supply, you’ll experience the empowerment and fulfillment that comes from learning the basic skills of providing for yourself and your family.

By starting a garden and taking on this challenge, you, your family, and the planet will benefit.

  • Eat more nutritious food, which leads to better health
  • Reduce your exposure to unwanted, toxic pesticides
  • Reduce the number of miles your food travels, lessening your dependence on fossil fuels and reducing carbon emissions
  • Increased food security
  • Improved quality of life through living in harmony with nature and eating with the seasons
  • Save money; even make money
  • Reduce excessive packaging
  • Combat global warming
  • Get involved in your local food community
  • Become independent of corporate food systems

Together, let us declare our independence and sow the seeds of freedom.
This is a true revolution!

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